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Advertise your business with eye-catching billboards!

Our Street Promotions Team promote to people on the street at events, concerts, festivals, rallies, protest, peace marches, outdoor events, exiting indoor events, college events, election events, art fairs, sporting gatherings in several Michigan cities. We also offer a promotional bag where we combine many different offers, business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, coupons, and directly hand them out to 1,000’s of people attending and leaving events.

Street Team Promotion

Our street team will actively communicate your message verbally while also handing a flyer out to people walking by in high foot traffic areas. We combine Live GPS technology with an On-Site Supervisor to give you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your advertising.

Promote Your Business

We have digital sign walker event packages to accommodate any budget. No job is too large or too small. A digital sign walker promotion puts a personality behind your message and gives your business the added visibility needed at high traffic events happening in Metro Detroit.

Low Cost Advertising

Digital Sign Walker Billboards can provide quick, cost-effective advertising trusted by small, medium, and large companies, fully managed advertising campaigns designed to attract maximum attention, brand exposure and foot traffic to our client’s business.

Managed Campaigns

Free quotes and consultations with our campaign managers can be requested at 1 248-952-8483 or email us click here. We help businesses clients grow their awareness and client base at a leading Return-On-Investment for their advertising dollars spent. You cannot afford to waste money.

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Advertising Services

The Future Of Advertising In Michigan Is Digital Sign Walker Billboards.
The reason is simple: They just work. Once only seen during tax season and retailer liquidations, more business owners are discovering the power of digital sign walker billboards for growing their business. Our team of digital sign walkers are vibrant people walking outdoors in thriving events located in Royal Oak, Metro Detroit, Clarkston, Sterling Heights, Downriver, Downtown Detroit anyplace, anywhere people are gathering in large crowds.
Do You Have A Business? With A Small Advertising Budget?
Our sign walkers will be walking 7:00 pm to 2:30 am, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Metro Detroit, Royal Oak, Downriver, Dearborn, Pontiac we attend significant events that attract large crowds of people to promote your business. The time combination is the busiest time to connect with people leaving and coming to local events.

We Promote Everything 10-second Business Commercials.
Business Promotional Flyers. Business Cards. Restaurant Menus. And Much More.

Better Technology

Better Advertising Results

GPSDetroit Digital Sign Walkers is the first sign outdoor mobile advertising company on the planet to feature GPS and motion sensing technology coupled together in order to track campaign effectiveness. You can have confidence knowing that your spinners are where they need to be as our team continually monitors them by utilizing geolocation tracking technology.

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Better Advertising

Capturing New Clientele Daily

Draw attention to your business with a human digital walking billboards. Our team are located at all Metro Detroit outdoor events, concerts, parades, sporting events, festivals anywhere, anyplace to reach potential customers for your business. Studies have shown a 40% increase in business with the use of a GPSDetroit Digital Sign Walkers.
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Better Results

Low Cost Advertising, Big Rewards

Today, furniture stores, mattress dealers, automotive services, companies hiring, election campaigners, retailers, restaurants, bars, cellphone shops, grocery stores, places for rent, home improvement, landscaping, insurance agencies, event planners, and even online brands use GPSDetroit Digital Sign Walkers with success. Proven effective for businesses of kinds.

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Flyer Distribution

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One of the most common forms of marketing is flyer distribution. This is an effective way to target large groups of people while keeping your costs low. You can let people know about the services you offer and even announce promotions and sales and stay within your marketing budget. We place your flyers directly in the hands of potential customers. Promotes your business TODAY!

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Establish brand authority and stop wasting money, leaving flyers around town. Digital Sign Walker Billboard displays can play static images, animation, broadcast-quality commercial spots. Our billboards are LED screens that play 10-second spots on a 1-minute rotating loop. We are the pioneers in digital sign walker billboard advertising in Michigan – we’re the people the big names come to when they want something outstanding, eye-catching, and unique.
Our creative team can take your existing marketing assets and your objective and create a campaign that will blow you (and your target customers) away!

Daily Walking Rates 80/day

Per Spot. Per Sign Walker. Per Day.

  • One (1) 10-second ad play every 60 seconds for 4 hours.
  • One (1) Evenings on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • $ 50.00 flat production fee for static billboard design.
  • Client must provide pre-recored video/animation.
  • Run dynamic content such as video, animation or static billboard.
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Weekly Walking Rate 160/week

Per Spot. Per Sign Walker. Per Weekend.

  • One (1) 10-second ad play every 60 seconds for 4 hours.
  • Three (3) Evenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • $ 50.00 flat production fee for static billboard design.
  • Client must provide pre-recored video/animation.
  • Run dynamic content such as video, animation or static billboard.
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Monthly Walking Rate 600/4 weeks

Per Spot. Per Sign Walker. For 4 Weekends.

  • One (1) 10-second ad play every 60 seconds for 4 hours.
  • Three (3) Evenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks.
  • $ 50.00 flat production fee for static billboard design.
  • Client must provide pre-recored video/animation.
  • Run dynamic content such as video, animation or static billboard.
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Hand-To-Hand Marketing

    This approach is one extremely effective, yet often underutilized approach to creating a successful marketing campaign. When you go with a hand to hand distribution of your marketing material you are ensuring that not only are people getting your material, you’re also getting a very high rate of readability.
    As an added bonus with hand to hand distribution, you can also dress our Digital Sign Walker Team in branded clothing such as t-shirts, caps, and badges, etc. When you combine this with the tactical targeting of people at particular outdoor events, concerts and festivals you can experience a much better rate of return.

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Looking For A Job?

  • Brand Ambassadors. Part Time. We are looking for engaging, outgoing Brand Ambassadors to join our Marketing Team! Move and groove with the Metro Detroit public, outside at local events, outside nightclubs, concerts, and sporting events. If you are a person who is outgoing, presents well, and enjoys working with the public, this is the job for you! Promote products/services and brand awareness on behalf of our clients. Advertising campaigns require wearing a “digital walking billboard.” Must be capable of walking/standing for 5-8 hours at a time. Campaigns are daily and ongoing. Must have reliable transportation (or be able to consistently get to work on time). Must be 16+ years of age or older with a Valid ID. No costumes or special twirling skills necessary we are professional black jeans and black shirt required. MUST BE AVAILABLE TO WORK EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS. Acting Performer background is a plus! Bilingual is a plus!

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  • Digital Sign Walkers Supervisor. Must have experience managing employees. We look for responsible, energetic and reliable people to join our team as a subcontracted Digital Sign Walkers. This is a fun job where you get to be outdoors. If you are ready to join the team, we are very interested in speaking with you! Sign Walkers Supervisor Responsibilities: Hold a large sign to advertise our events and distribute promotional bags to people. Manage a crew of 10 digital sign walkers daily. Ensure sign walkers are using GPS Technology tracking correctly and distributing promotional bags. Use enthusiasm and movement to attract attention to the sign. Present a positive image to the public and greet customers respectfully. Arrive on time for all shifts and stay until shift completion. Stay in communication with our Outdoor Management Team during shifts. Supervisor Job Requirements: Must have Reliable Transportation. Must have a working smart phone. Demonstrated track record of reliability and dependability. Ability to work in all weather conditions. Ability to walk/stand on feet for 7 hours a day. No costumes or special twirling skills necessary we are professional black jeans and black shirt required.

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  • Digital Sign Walker. Do you exude happiness and have a fun personality? Do you strive to be someone who makes a difference in the success of a business? Then you are encouraged to apply for our Digital Sign Walker position at the email above. We are looking to immediately hire a dedicated Digital Sign Walker to be an active part of the outdoor marketing team. As a Digital Sign Walker, you will hold a digital sign and distribute marketing materials on street corners and other outdoor environments and engage in interactions with passers-by to help to promote an event, business, or a brand. This is an exciting opportunity that will be filled quickly. What are you waiting for? Responsibilities Holding or wearing advertising signs, or engaging in any other form of marketing to attract customers, Being engaging and high energy in interactions with public Qualifications & Experience. Able to stand on concrete surfaces and be willing and able to wave and move around for extended periods of time. Able to bend at the knees and waist, twist the body at the waist area, raise and hold arms overhead, turn neck and shoulders as needed, and grasp and hold signs and other items with hands for extended periods of time. Strong work ethic and positive attitude. Be comfortable working outside in hot and cold temperatures. Arrive to work on time. Securely carry a 20-pound digital billboard on back.

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  • Work From Home Business Representative. Outbound Lead Generation, Social Media Lead Generation. No selling required—just appointment setting with business owners or decision-makers. Get paid for setting solid appointments with interested new clients. Job Description: Call leads and prospects to generate interest in our services. Yes! We provide sales leads. However, you must be able to create your sales leads from engaging with business owners via social media. You are required to schedule telephone appointments for our outside sales team. This position is 100% work from home during business hours 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, full-time or part-time. This position is 100% commission only, and you get paid for every new client that purchases our services. Must have a home telephone (no cellphones). Quiet work environment. Desktop/Laptop/Tablet computer with in-home internet access (not free wifi in the community)—previous experience in telemarketing, call-center, outside or inside sales. NO TRAINING PROVIDED.

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Contact Digital Sign Walkers is an outdoor advertising company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. We deploy super friendly, professionally dressed sign walkers equipped with the latest outdoor LED advertising technology on dedicated routes in Downtown Detroit, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Dearborn, Downriver, anyplace, anywhere large crowds of people are gathering from 7:00 pm to 2:30 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our sign walkers are trained to stay in congested crowds and always remain “visible” at all times. They also make sure to walk extremely slow and catch red lights and other opportunities to remain stationary. Our strategy presents a highly unique and unexpect advertising opportunity that is eye-level, ultra-visible, and highly memorable when combining with flyer distribution services.

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